About the company


Our company began to pave its way in legal profession in distant 1993 marked with adoption of principal law of the country – the Russian Constitution. After 10 years of practice in various areas of law, a decision to reorganize the Company was taken. Ascension to completely new level of business encouraged us to carry out rebranding, and in spring of 2008 Unified state register of legal entities was updated with information on legal company Alta Via, which would later serve as foundation for other projects.
The Company has a long and illustrious history in legal consulting and continues its progressive development. Our key objective is efficient performance ensuring prosperity and success for our Customers.

The Company today
The Company today

Alta Via consolidates professionals in various areas of law, having extensive job experience in legal departments of major Russian companies. As of today Alta Via is a team of experts providing range of services in the following areas: Banking Law, Administrative Law, Customs law, Labour Law, Information Law, Corporate Law, (CLN, Private Placement, IPO, Due Diligence procedure), Medical Law, Tax Law, Public-private partnerships, Protection of intellectual property rights, legal assistance to Customers engaged in the sphere of real estate and construction.
While providing integrated legal services to the Company's Customers, lawyers of «Alta Via» work closely with experts of specialized legal practices, and consequently, complex legal tasks are solved promptly and in a quality manner. Our lawyers have confirmed high level of their expertise and knowledge of law, demonstrated in strong partnership with Customers and independent evaluation of rating agencies.
Alta Via Customers are companies engaged in areas such as: providing insurance, banking and investment services, fund management services, design and construction, provision of healthcare services, shipbuilding, production of food and manufactured goods, wholesale, retail sale and other.
Alta Via values responsibility and adheres to the highest standards in its business. We are devoted to individual approach and therefore seek to address each task in line with Customers wishes, to construct long-term trust-based relationships with reliable and solid legal foundation for their development.

Our mission

We strive to be the partner of choice for our Customers and to build long-lasting partnerships, where the legal aspect ceases to be the factor hindering the work, but becomes a key element to Customer's confidence in the future.

Principles of interaction with Customers:
  • Punctuality principle

    Realistic terms communicated to the Customers

  • Principle of constant accountability to the Customer

    Information about our services in the Customer's interests is promptly presented to the Customer in accessible formats after performance

  • Principle of accessibility of the information reported to the Customer

    Any information is presented to the Customer along with explanations and comments, explaining its essence

Our values
  • Mastery

    We are professionals in the areas of the law declared as our specializations. We always maintain high requirements to our knowledge and personal qualities.

  • Responsibility for the result

    We always perform whole set of our services for the Customer with such degree of diligence, prudence and efficiency that ensure achievement of Customer's objectives. Instead of assessing our efforts, we evaluate the achieved results, which serves as an excellent basis for our new achievements.

  • Customer-oriented approach

    We abide by standards of quality and service most suitable for our Customers. We seek to be a part of the Customer's team.

  • Consolidated team

    We can successively work in project teams and individually. We are united by common goals and thus we are able to achieve maximum results. Customer's success is success for our team

  • Effectiveness

    We are effective in all: resources, tasks, communications. There are no obstructions that can prevent us from developing viable solutions.

  • Respect

    We have great respect for our Customers and to each other- we always listen and hear regardless of the status..

  • Leadership

    We are always seek to be the best in all undertakings. We are initiative and we are prepared for a changing. We know what's coming tomorrow and because we are ready today.

We in the ratings
3 group in the rating «Pravo.ru-300»


for 2016
95th place


for 2016
17th place

legal consulting «EXPERT RA»

for 2016
104th place


for 2015
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