Tax law Tax law

- Legal services for human resources audit
- Advice on application of employment law
- Representation of Customers in administrative and judicial bodies
- Preparation of internal policies (including system of employee engagement )
- Legal support in dissolution of branches and representative offices, personal reduction

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Intellectual property Intellectual property

- Registration of rights to intellectual property and means of identification
- Advice on legal relations between authors, copyright holders and other parties
- Audit on objects of copyright and related rights, patent rights, industrial property rights
- Legal support for transactions with intellectual property items
- Assessment of protectability of intellectual property

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Real estate and construction Real estate and construction

- Legal support for real estate transactions.
- Legal support to Customers for interaction with state bodies.
- Administration of projects in the field of public-private partnership.
- Complex legal audit with the aim to minimize risks in project implementation.
- Legal support for construction, re-engineering, demolition and other activities related to real estate.
- Protection of title to real estate in pre-trial and court procedures.

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Corporate legal relations Corporate legal relations

- Settlement of corporate conflicts and disputes in pre-trial and court procedures.
- Legal support for investment projects.
- Legal support for corporate financing transactions.
- Legal support for business reorganization and restructuring.
- Advice on anti-trust laws.
- Participation in preparation of corporate management system.
- Due Diligence.

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Customs law Customs law

- Legal support for different forms of Customs control
- Contestation of amendments to Customs value, decisions of Customs bodies in classification of goods, claims for settlement of customs duties
- Advice on interaction with Customs bodies and use of international, supranational and national law on International economic activities

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Banking law Banking law

- Advice on bank and commercial secrecy, currency and tax legislation
- Risk analysis of contracts with banks and drafting of recommendations on mitigation of such risks
- Representation Customers during monetary and anti-money laudering oversight
- Negotiations with financial organizations, review of transaction conditions
- Legal support for bankruptcy proceedings
- Troubled debt restructuring

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Labour law Labour law

- Legal services for human resources audit.
- Advice on application of employment law.
- Representation of Customers in administrative and judicial bodies.
- Preparation of internal policies (including system of employee engagement).
- Legal support in dissolution of branches and representative offices, personal reduction.

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Medical law Medical law

- Advice on licensing of medical and pharmaceutical activities, preparation of contracts with medical organizations and more.
- Representation of the Customer in administrative and judicial bodies.
- Settlement of disputes with the patients.

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Administrative law Administrative law

- Representation of the Customers during consideration of administrative offence cases
- Assessment and elimination of risks at different stages of a business project
- Expert analysis and contestation of illegal state bodies decisions
- Cultivation of effective cooperation with state bodies
- Consultations on administrative law issues

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Information law Information law

- Legal support for cooperation with monitoring agencies
- Legal support for generation of information of broad and restricted access
- Audit of internal and external procedures, directed at personal data processing
- Preparation of documents and implementation of formalized procedures in everyday activity of the company
- Legal support of IT companies and implementation of digital signature

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Arbitration, Bankruptcy Arbitration, Bankruptcy

-Legal support for prevention of company takeover by declaration of bankruptcy.
-Advice on application of law, including rules concerning conflict of laws.
-Assessment of grounds for filing a bankruptcy application.
-Representation of the Customer in administrative and judicial organs.
-Negotiations, formulation of strategy, collection of evidence.
-Representation of the Customer during bankruptcy procedure.
-Settlement of disputes in different fields of activity.

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Subscription  services Subscription services

- Full-scale regular legal support of business
- Drafting of requests, complaints and claims, examination of legal documents
- Verbal and written consultations, preparation of documents (agreements, contracts)
- Legal support to Customers in negotiations with counterparties and interaction with state authorities
- Drafting statements of claim and other procedural documents, formulation of protection strategy, participation in trials.

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Public-private partnership Public-private partnership

- Legal support in tendering procedure
- Participation in preparation of funding model and project management , distribution of title to property
- Preparation of Public-private partnership agreements , concessionary agreements, investing contracts, life cycle contracts

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